super photos
I love your photos!!!
44.Zoey Dooley(non-registered)
I just want to say how amazing this is and it was a great experience working with them! They definitely know what they are doing and I absolutely loved it!!! I highly highly HIGHLY recommend them to anyone and everyone! She for sure knows what she's doing and does a great job and actually wants her pictures to look good!
43.Sarah Stumpf(non-registered)
These photo photos taken of my niece, Lexi Stumpf turned out beautifully.
42.Andrea Stumpf(non-registered)
My daughter, Lexi Stumpf had amazing photos taken by C7 Studios
41.Lexi Stumpf(non-registered)
Wonderful photos! Very talented and artistic.
40.Sierra Dorsey(non-registered)
I have shot with C7 Studios( Jenni) twice now. Love every picture that was taken. Thank you, Jenni! Excellent photographer! ❤️
39.Lori Dorsey(non-registered)
Jenni is the best! Please take comfort in knowing that you're getting a real professional photographer. Amazing talent and skill.
38.Cora Simpich(non-registered)
Loving the photos of Jessica Sydness that you took. Hope she wins your free prom dress!
37.Lori Dorsey(non-registered)
Excellent photographer! Extremely creative and talented! Fabulous personality!
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